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Introduces measures against avalanches and cornice fall

In today's weather forecast, much rain and high temperatures are expected throughout the evening and night. Based on these weather forecasts and clear advices from Skred AS, the following measures are introduced:

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Restrictions imposed on motorised traffic in Tempelfjorden

The Governor is imposing restrictions on motor traffic on sea ice in Tempelfjorden in order to protect seals and polar bears in a particularly vulnerable phase.

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Evacuation and ban on entry/residence ban lifted

The Governor of Svalbard has today met with Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) and Skred AS. The evacuation and ban on entry/residence ban can be lifted Friday afternoon at 15:00 (3 PM).

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The evacuation will be maintained

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute informs that the strongest winds have passed over Longyearbyen. It will still be strong winds during the evening and night. The risk of avalanches is high and the evacuation and the ban on entry will be maintained. A new evaluation concerning the evacuation will be made on Saturday. Find more information on the website of Longyearbyen lokalstyre.

Strengthens the emergency preparedness

The Governor has strengthened the emergency preparedness and I monitoring the weather situation. The evacuation of people from the avalanche prone areas have been executed according to plan.

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