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Avalanche near Kapp Schoultz

There has been a snow avalanche in the hillside towards Kapp Schoultz at Tempelfjorden. Nobody has been taken by the avalanche. The Governor asks people who travel in the terrain to be aware of the danger of avalanches.

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Considerable risk of avalanches

NVE warns about considerable risk of avalanches – danger level 3 considerable – on Nordenskiøldland. The risk of avalanches is increasing due to wind and snowfall. The Governor asks people to take precautionary measures and be careful if entering the terrain. Pay attention through www.varsom.no.

Perleporten will be opened

According to updated prognosis from NVE there will be lower temperatures and less rain/snow. The measures taken in Longyearbyen will therefore be ended. The footbridge between Road 220 and 200 (Perleporten) will be opened.

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Still downpour and wind

According to updated prognosis from NVE there still will be downpour and wind. In Longyearbyen the downpour will be rain and sleet. The risk that avalanches will be a threat to houses is considered as low.

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Higher temperatures, less rain

According to updated forecasts from NVE there will be higher temperatures, but less rain than expected. This reduces the risks of slush avalanches. So far, no avalanches are observed around Longyearbyen.

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