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Rabies detected in polar fox at Hopen

Rabies has been detected in a polar fox that attacked the dogs at Hopen Meteorological Station April 26.

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Todalen and Gangdalen closed for motorised traffic

Due to Svalbard Ski Marathon, The Governor has decided to close Todalen and Gangdalen to motorised traffic on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 April.

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Restrictions imposed on motorised traffic on sea ice

The Governor is imposing restrictions on motor traffic on sea ice in Billefjorden, Tempelfjorden and Rindersbukta.

- The total burden on the environment in these areas has increased as a result of the traffic. We regard this as a necessary measure to protect seals and polar bears in a particularly vulnerable phase, says Head of Environment Protection Morten Wedege. 

The restrictions are introduced with immediate effect. The Governor emphasises that anyone travelling on sea ice has an individual responsibility to ensure that the sea ice is safe and navigable.

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Avalanche near Kapp Schoultz

There has been a snow avalanche in the hillside towards Kapp Schoultz at Tempelfjorden. Nobody has been taken by the avalanche. The Governor asks people who travel in the terrain to be aware of the danger of avalanches.

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Considerable risk of avalanches

NVE warns about considerable risk of avalanches – danger level 3 considerable – on Nordenskiøldland. The risk of avalanches is increasing due to wind and snowfall. The Governor asks people to take precautionary measures and be careful if entering the terrain. Pay attention through www.varsom.no.