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Technical problems with notification forms

Information to tour operators and individual travellers: Due to technical problems with our electronic forms for notification of travel plans, we ask you to use the following guidance/ form for your notification:

  • Tour operators: Guidance for tour operators
  • Individual travellers/ residents: Meldeskjema-Notification

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Avoid traffic at Midterhuken/Gåsebergkilen

The Governor of Svalbard strongly discourages traffic in the vicinity of Midterhuken/Gåsebergkilen until further notice. All traffic shall be avoided. This applies both to tourist operators and other visitors.

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The ban on residence in the Lia area is lifted

The Governor of Svalbard has decided to lift the ban on residence in the Lia area that was imposed on 22 December last year.

This means that the affected residents now have full access to their homes, and that residence in the area is no longer prohibited.

The Governor’s decision is based on avalanche expert assessments.

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Rabies detected in polar fox at Hopen

Rabies has been detected in a polar fox that attacked the dogs at Hopen Meteorological Station April 26.

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Todalen and Gangdalen closed for motorised traffic

Due to Svalbard Ski Marathon, The Governor has decided to close Todalen and Gangdalen to motorised traffic on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 April.

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