The operation is terminated

The avalanche operation at Longyearbreen is now terminated. The Governor urges people to take precautions and in general be alert when out in the terrain. There is still a great risk of avlanches, and the Governor advises people who are going out in the terrain to follow information at

Avalanche at Longyearbreen

There has been an avalanche at Longyearbreen opposite Tverrdalen. The area is closed for snowmobiles. Sysselmannen urges people who are going out to follow information at regarding the current situation concerning the possibility for avalanches.

Crevasses at Tunebreen

We have received information from Lufttransport regarding big crevasses at Tunabreen inside Tempelfjorden. Please pay attention and take your precautions when traveling out in the field.

Polar bears by Endalen

The polar bear and her two cubs are now observed by Endalen.

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Polar bears towards Revneset

Tonight, the polar bear and her two cubs have been led past Longyearbyen and towards Revneset. - They are now resting. In consideration with The Norwegian Polar Institute we have ended the operation for today, Governor Kjerstin Askholt informs.

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