Avalanche forecasts for Nordenskiöld Land in Svalbard

The Norwegian avalanche warning service provides regional avalanche forecasts for Nordenskiöld Land in Svalbard. Avalanche forecasts for this region will be published during the period from 28 January to 31 May.

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Do not disturb polar bears on the sea ice

The Governor appeals to the public to minimize snow mobile driving on the ice when polar bears are present. The most important feeding period for polar bears is in springtime when seals are on the ice, and it is important that the bears can hunt undisturbed.

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Field inspectors at Fredheim

The Governor's field inspectors Kjell Lundin and Eigil Movik are now present at Fredheim, in order to supervise the traffic and give information to the public. They will travel around Spitsbergen, but be based at Fredheim.

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Inspection of dogs at Svalbard airport

From March 1, dog owners who bring their dogs to Svalbard must provide required documentation at the airport. This applies both for those travelling with dogs in the cabin and those who bring dogs in the cargo compartment.

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Information for foreign residents in Longyearbyen

An updated pamphlet with information to foreign citizens living in Longyearbyen is produced by The Longyearbyen Community Council, The Governor of Svalbard, Longyearbyen Hospital, Svalbard Tax Office, Svalbard Church and The Office for Social Insurance (NAV), in co-operation.


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