Still risk of landslides

There has been several landslides in Longyeardalen and in the surroundings of Longyearbyen the last week. There is still a risk of landslides.

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Risk of landslides

Due to heavy rainfall there is still a great risk of landslides in Longyearbyen and surrounding areas.

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Information on safety in the field

The Governor of Svalbard has published an updated brocure on safety in the field in Svalbard. The brochure is published in cooperation with Visit Svalbard, UNIS, Norwegian Polar Institute and Longyearbyen Red Cross.

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Management plan open for consultation

Proposal for management plan for Sør-Spitsbergen, Forlandet and Nordvest-Spitsbergen national parks and bird sanctuaries and amendments to the protection regulation is now open for consultation. Consultation deadline is 01.11.2016.

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Avalanche forecasts for Nordenskiöld Land in Svalbard

The Norwegian avalanche warning service provides regional avalanche forecasts for Nordenskiöld Land in Svalbard. Avalanche forecasts for this region will be published during the period from 28 January to 31 May.

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