Importing and exporting

There are separate guidelines for importing and exporting firearms and ammunition to/from Svalbard.

Norway has its own national firearms register. If you have purchased a firearm while living in Svalbard, the firearm will be registered here, and it is considered a Norwegian firearm. When moving from Svalbard to the mainland, you do not need a separate import permit from the police district you are moving to. The firearms permit is considered an import permit in this case.

If the firearm is for protection against polar bears, this will be written at the bottom of the firearms permit. You cannot bring this firearm to the mainland.

If you send firearms to the mainland in a separate shipment, e.g. in a container, you must attach a copy of the firearms permit.

You cannot take large quantities of ammunition to the mainland without import permits, cf. Section 64–65 in the Firearms Regulations (våpenforskriften).  You can obtain this by contacting the police district that you are moving to.

Private individuals cannot buy or sell ammunition.  Ammunition that you are not taking with you to the mainland can be delivered to The Governor of Svalbard for disposal.

Information on rules for the import and export of firearms to/from overseas countries can be found on the Norwegian Customs Service’s website.