Covid-19 - important information

With regard to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, and in accordance with FOR-2020-03-27-470, § 10a, all tourism operators who plan to have activities on Svalbard shall develop their own plans for infection prevention in their business.

All operators who plan for coastal cruises on Svalbard, shall also develop their own plans for infection prevention on these cruises.

The templates are currently available only in Norwegian and can be found using the links to the right.

The plans shall be sent to The Governor of Svalbard, who will continuously process them in cooperation with Universitetssykehuset Nord-Norge HF – Longyearbyen hospital, and either confirm or deny that the tour operator has sufficient infection prevention plans to have activities on Svalbard.

No tour operators can start their activity on Svalbard before their infection prevention plans have been approved.

The Governor of Svalbard will process the incoming infection prevention plans continuously.

Infection prevention plans shall be sent to the following email address: