Use a face mask

The Governor's Office reopens for services relating to traffic, visas and weapons. Appointments must be made by calling phone no 79024300. The switchboard is open from 09.00 to 15.00. It is mandatory to use a face mask.

Published 1/19/2021

Due to the corona situation, we want to limit the number of visitors. If you do not need a visa now, we ask you to wait to book an appointment for this.

Everyone who is going to visit the Governor's office must wear a face mask. Those who make an appointment with the Governor must also have been on Svalbard for 10 days after returning from a travel to the mainland, before the appointment with the Governor.

For a refund of VAT, send an email to with the attached form, a photo of the goods documenting that the goods are on Svalbard and a receipt.