Control of weapon storage

The Governor has routinely inspected weapons storage in the homes of inhabitants in Longyearbyen. The controls will continue in the future.

Published 11/17/2020

- For safety reasons, it is very important that people store firearms and ammunition in a safe way, says police chief inspector Håkon Toresen.

- There are a lot of weapons on Svalbard and it is important that people who have firearms are extra careful with how they are stored. It cannot be repeated often enough, and it is very important for avoiding accidents and ensure that unauthorized persons and children do not get access to weapons, he points out.

All firearms or a vital part of the weapons, as well as ammunition must be stored in FG-approved safety cabinets that must be bolted to a wall or floor, or weighted if the cabinet weighs less than 150 kilos.

- It is not permitted to store firearms and ammunition in unoccupied cabins, houses or the like. Houses can be considered inhabited even if they are inhabited for a longer period, says Håkon Toresen, who is very satisfied with the results from the inspections that have already been carried out.

The inspections are notified in writing at least 48 hours in advance.