Inquiries about holiday trips and tour activities in Svalbard

The Norwegian government decided on 15 May that all tourism companies active in Svalbard must prepare their own concrete plans for how to conduct infection control responsibly before they can start up the activity and receive guests after 1 June. The Governor uses great resources to prepare for the gradual reopening of tourism business in Svalbard. This work is prioritized.

Published 5/22/2020

The Governor will therefore spend longer than usual responding to inquiries from individual travellers and tour operators about travel and tour activities on Svalbard which are within the Governor's responsibilities. This also applies to the processing of trip notifications.

In the future, response to trip notifications and questions related to travel plans and tourism cannot be expected over the telephone. Inquiries must be sent to the Governor at We also refer to the case processing deadlines at

The Governor will attempt to publish all relevant information on our website, and also encourage the individual to seek information about travel to Svalbard on, and