Foreign citizens who want to travel to mainland Norway

Due to the corona situation, foreign citizens residing in Svalbard will basically not be able to travel to mainland Norway for visits or holidays. This applies to both persons who are subject to visa requirements and nationals of countries with which Norway has an entry agreement and who do not normally need a visa for entry to the mainland, including nationals of EEA countries.

Published 5/22/2020

Visiting visas and permission to stay in mainland Norway will only be granted exceptionally. The exceptions apply, among other things, to travel in connection with childbirth and medical treatment, but not for holiday stays. For those who already have a Schengen visa in the passport, this will not be valid as the situation is now.

This is regulated by the Regulations relating to rejection etc. of foreign nationals out of concern for public health. This regulation regulates the entrance to the Norwegian mainland. See link to the right.

We ask that all questions about travel and stay in mainland Norway are addressed to the UDI. See the link to the right for information and frequently asked questions and answers.

Foreigners with a residence permit without a special entry restriction and other specified groups that are covered by the EEA regulations can travel to mainland Norway. See exceptions in the regulations. Those who want to travel to their home countries can do this via mainland Norway. They must then present a ticket to their home country.

The Norwegian authorities, like many other countries, have restricted access to border crossing and the way this can happen, as a result of the corona pandemic.

Travel to mainland Norway that was possible before the corona situation is therefore not possible currently. In this context, it does not matter whether foreign nationals live with their spouse in Svalbard or anywhere else in the world outside mainland Norway. It is not the case that foreign nationals residing in Svalbard are disadvantaged compared to foreign nationals residing elsewhere in the world in terms of access to mainland Norway.