Polar bear update

Due to the weather conditions, the Governor's helicopter has now ended the original plan to push the polar bear in the direction of Van Mijenfjorden. The last position on the bear was at the innermost part of Bjørndalen. - This means that we cannot fully predict which way the bear will move. We therefore ask people to be very careful. Notify the Governor if you observe the polar bear or polar bear tracks, says Governor Kjerstin Askholt. Call 112.

Published 12/28/2019

Earlier today, the Governor considered the possibility of tranquilizing the bear and transport it away by helicopter, but there is insufficient polar bear expertise available in Longyearbyen this Christmas to be able to do this.

- We still have high readiness to try to observe the bear if it approaches Longyearbyen again. However, it is difficult to predict which way it will choose; it can be the same way as before or via Bjørndalen and Vestpynten - or a completely different way, Kjerstin Askholt points out.

- We also emphasize the importance of that people are observant and report to the Governor if they observe the polar bear or polar bear tracks, she says.