Private and public businesses, organisations and private individuals can apply for support from the environmental protection fund. The funds board makes decisions and distributes funds based on applications.

Svalbard environmental protection fund is pursuant to The Svalbard Environmental Protection Act. The fund's resources will be used for projects and initiatives with the purpose of protecting the environment. The fund is financed by dues and allocation is dependant upon the income.

The sources of income are the environment fee, fees for hunting and fishing cards, the value of the flora and fauna which is handled in violation of the Svalbard environmental law and environmental compensations and enforced penalties set by The Governor of Svalbard.

The Governor of Svalbard  is the secretariet and will announce how to apply for resources from the fund, handle applications and prepare reports to the board.

For further information about Svalbard environmental protection fund, contact senior adviser Asbjørn Hagen, See contact information below.

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