From 1 April 2007 vistors to Svalbard must pay an environment fee of 150 NOK. The income goes to Svalbard environmental protection fund.

All visitors must pay an environment fee from 1 April 2007. The fee will atomatically be added when purchasing airline tickets or cruise tickets and will be collected by the airlines and cruise ship companies. Residents in Svalbard must also pay the fee but they can have the money reimbursed (see practical information under "Payment and reimbursement").

The income from the fee will be added to Svalbard environmental protection fund. The fund's resources will be used to initiate and stimulate projects with the purpose of protecting Svalbard environment.

Download the information folder "Together we are preserving the Svalbard environment below.

"Regulation relating to an environment fee for visitors to Svalbard" was laid down by Royal Decree on 22 December 2006 and is pursuant to the Svalbard Environmental Protection Act.

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