The Governor advises all seafarers to keep their distance to calving glacier fronts in Svalbard.

The Norwegian Polar Institute has, on request from the Governor, made a report where the main conclusions are that it is impossible to predict when an ice block will fall, how big it will be and how/ where it will land in the water. To avoid direct hits by ice and the biggest waves, 200m will, according the report, be a reasonable minimum distance. The Governor still points out that 200 m might be too close in certain cases, and that it is the captains' and the tour operators' duty to assess the risk at any visit to a calving glacier front. The minimum safety distance should be increased when visiting glacier fronts in narrow fjords, in shallow fjords and at glacier fronts higher than 40-50 meters. The Governor recommends the use of a rangefinder to assess the distance to the glacier front.

The Governor recommends that you read the complete report with recommendations from the Norwegian Polar Institute here