The Governor processes applications for permits to acquire and possess firearms and firearm accessories to persons that are registered in the population register of Svalbard. An application form can be obtained from the Governor's office.

Processing of applications normally takes from one to six weeks; however, the process may take longer during periods of peak activity.

General requirements for applicants:

  • Sober and responsible
  • Minimum age 18 years (21 years for pistol or revolver)
  • Must be registered in the population register of Svalbard
  • Foreign citizens must provide a certificate of good conduct translated into Norwegian or English from their home country (no older than six months).

Persons that are not registered as permanent residents of Svalbard must apply to their local police district.


Firearm permit fees apply and may be paid in cash or by card via the bank terminal. For the first-time issue of a firearms permit the fee is NOK 1049. For an extension of an existing firearm permit the fee is NOK 524. For extensions of existing firearm permits, the firearm permit number must be included in the application. The fees are the same as those payable on the Norwegian mainland.

Firearms used for hunting

Permits for hunting firearms can be issued to persons registered in the Norwegian Register of Hunters. Applicants may acquire and possess up to 6 complete hunting firearms. The hunters themselves can determine what types of firearms they want in their collection.

In order to be registered in the Norwegian Register of Hunters, the person must have taken the official hunting proficiency test. Documentation must be provided with the application.

Firearms for hunting may also be used for protection against polar bears.

Firearms for protection against polar bears

Firearm permits for protection against polar bears may be issued to persons that fulfil the general applicant requirements. Permits are normally issued for rifles of calibre .308W/30-06 or 12-gauge shotguns or corresponding.

Permits are conditional: Valid only for protection against polar bears in Svalbard.

Firearms for practice or competitive shooting

Firearm permits for practice or competitive shooting may be issued to applicants that can document membership and activity in an association that is affiliated with an approved shooting club or organisation. The applicant’s shooting club must have (and utilise) a program for shooting with the relevant type of firearm applied for and the application must contain information about the branch of shooting the firearm is to be used for.

Only one firearm can be acquired and possessed per program.

In order to acquire a permit for a pistol or revolver the applicant must be able to document six months’ active membership.

Processing applications

Processed applications are returned to the applicant by mail. On issue, the firearms permit is sent to the applicant from the Governor’s office (blue copy is valid as the firearm permit until this is received). Applications containing errors/without payment/without documentation will not be processed.

Sellers of firearms

The seller of a firearm must fill in the lower part of the application form (white copy) and send this to the police as soon as possible, along with their own firearm permit. The sale will not be finalised until the application has been processed and a permit issued.

Secure storage

All firearms that are required to be registered, or a vital part of the firearm, must be stored in an approved security cabinet.