Hunting trophies from Svalbard to the mainland

For trophies of foxes and birds are no longer import application is required. For polar bear skins and other parts of the polar bear still apply strict rules.

It is still unclear rules in other animal groups than those already mentioned, and by questions about these, we recommend contacting the FSA.

CITES agreement


Some rare species in the scope of the international CITES agreement (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species). CITES agreement regulating trade in rare animals and plants, whether they are alive or dead. The agreement also applies to products such as leather, feathers, teeth and more.


Of the species in Svalbard polar bears and most whale species covered by CITES agreement. For these require a separate CITES permits in addition to the permit from the Authority. The Directorate for Nature Management process applications and provide CITES permits. You can download the CITES application form below. Please note that the required CITES permits for both export and import of Svalbard Svalbard.

It is
prepared lists showing which species are covered by provisions. The Directorate for Nature's website you can read more about CITES, see link below.