The local avalanche warnings will continue this winter season. Residents in areas prone to avalanches must be prepared for evacuation when the first avalanche risk situation arises. – A permanent entry ban will be enforced in areas with an extra high risk of avalanches, Governor Kjerstin Askholt says. - The ban will remain in force until the avalanche risk is over for the winter.  

The entry ban will be in force for the same area and the same houses as the previous winter. This includes the following houses: Road 222-7, 222-9, 222-11, 222-13, 222-15, 222-17, Road 226-10, 226-12, 226-31, 226-33, 226-35, 226-37.

- There is no set date for when the ban will be lifted, but assessments are made continuously in close cooperation with NVE. However, it is very unlikely that the ban will be lifted before spring arrives. The reason for this decision is that the avalanche risk for these houses is considered too great and unpredictable for the warning system to provide sufficient protection, says Kjerstin Askholt.

- Additionally, the threshold for temporary evacuation of the remaining avalanche prone areas will be even lower. The closer your home is to the mountainside, the bigger your chance is of facing an evacuation, Askholt informs.

The Governor has met with NVE and Longyearbyen Community Council this week regarding the avalanche situation for the coming winter. Decisions on protection against avalanches are based on professional advice from the NVE.

The Governor regrets the inconvenience that these decisions will cause to individual residents. It is emphasized that all the work performed by the Governor, NVE and Longyearbyen Community Council in this matter, aims to maintain the highest possible level of safety in Longyearbyen until permanent safeguards are in place.

Regardless of the entry ban and temporary evacuations, the Governor reminds all residents to take precautionary measures when entering avalanche prone terrain, including Lia and below Sukkertoppen.

Residents are urged to observe Longyearbyen Community Council’s guidelines regarding use of snowmobile pathways in the town centre. Following the guidelines will help prevent avalanches triggered by snowmobiles.

Lastly, the Governor urges all residents to pay attention to avalanche risk on