The Governor maintains the evacuation and traffic- and ban on entry in Lia. The decision is based on weather forecasts and avalanche assessments from The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).

"We will make a new assessment together with NVE on Saturday afternoon," said Deputy Governor Berit Sagfossen.

The evacuation and ban on entry applies to the following houses (see link to map on the right):

The evacuation will apply to the following homes: Road 222-7, 222-9, 222-11, 222-13, 222-15, 222-17, Road 226-10, 226-12, 226-31, 226-33, 226 -35, 226-37, Road 228-2, 228-4 A, B, C, D, 228-7, 228-9, 228-11, 228-13 A, B, C, D, E.

It is expected snow and a lot of wind in the coming hours. The Governor asks people to follow on to and take their rules of procedure when traveling in the terrain.

The road up to Mine 7 is closed due to the avalanche danger and weather conditions. There can also be difficult driving conditions in the valley. The Governor therefore encourages people to restrict driving in Adventdalen.