A disaster preparedness exercise will be held on 13 and 14 December in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. The exercise involves agencies that form the emergency preparedness apparatus on Svalbard. The title of the exercise is “Øvelse Mørketid” (eng.: “Exercise Dark Season”).

Why do we train?

The purpose of the exercise is to strengthen the emergency preparedness agencies’ ability to handle crises and unwanted events. Øvelse Mørketid focuses on improving skills such as information sharing, resource coordination and making timely decisions in demanding situations.


How does it affect me?

The exercise takes place on Svalbard airport Thursday 13 December. This involves use of actors and light effects in order to simulate an emergency. Additionally, exercise activities will take place at Rabalder, as Longyearbyen Community Council will test the operation of its evacuation- and involved persons office.

Longyearbyen Hospital will accept urgent inquiries only during the peak activity time of the exercise (13 December). The other agencies taking part in the exercise will have somewhat limited capacity, but the alert level will remain the same.

In connection to the exercise, there is a need for people who can simulate injured or affected persons. For more information and registration, please follow this hyperlink.


The following agencies and organisations will take part in the exercise:

The Governor of Svalbard
Longyearbyen Community Council
Longyearbyen Fire and Rescue Services
Avinor, Svalbard Airport
Longyearbyen Red Cross Search and Rescue Corps
Longyearbyen Hospital
University Hospital of North Norway (UNN)
Svalbard Church
Lufttransport AS
Telenor Svalbard
Norwegian Search and Rescue Dogs (Norske redningshunder)