Rabies has been detected in a polar fox that attacked the dogs at Hopen Meteorological Station April 26.

The polar fox was killed by one of the dogs at the Hopen Station. It was collected by the Governor and a representative from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority on April 30 and brought to the Veterinary Institute in Oslo. Tests confirmed that the fox was infected with rabies.

- We ask people to be attentive and to report to the Governor if they observe dead foxes or reindeer, or foxes and reindeer displaying unnatural behaviour, says senior adviser in nature management Paul Lutnæs. Typical signs to look for are aggressiveness in foxes, and passivity and paralysis in reindeer.

- Additionally, we ask people ot take precautionary measures. Foxes should not be fed, and dogs should be kept under supervision.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority is the professional authority in this field.