NVE/MET are expecting heavy rainfalls starting Saturday and continuing until Sunday morning. The precipitation will fall as rain in Longyearbyen. It is important to keep all waterways open. Longyearbyen Community Council is monitoring the situation closesly, including the situation in Vannledningsdalen and the water drains by the road to the airport. As a preventive measure, the footbridge between Road 220 and 200 (Perleporten) will be closed from Friday night and until further notice.

There is a high risk of avalanches – danger level 4 – throughout Nordienskiöld Land. Slush avalanches may occur in Longyearbyen, but according to NVE's assessments, these do not pose a threat to houses or other buildings.

Longyearbyen Community Council and the Governor asks people to take precautionary measures and to pay attention through varsom.no.