The Governor and Longyearbyen Community Council have met with NVE at
22.30 Monday night. The weather forecast remains the same.

Full storm is to be expected, with wind gusts of up to 50-60 knots in the Longyearbyen area. 15 to 20 mm precipitation in the form of rain or snow is expected. It is still uncertain exactly when the weather will hit during Tuesday.

The evacuation has been carried out as expected.

The road stretching from the upper side of the school to the junction between road 100 and 106 will be closed before 12.00 Tuesday. Access to Huset and Nybyen will be opened on the other side of Longyeardalen (road 300).

The Governor monitors the situation continuously, and asks everyone to take precautionary measures. Updated information will be provided through the webpages of the Governor and Longyearbyen Community Council.