The Governor lifts the evacuation of the houses and the ban on entering the terrain in Lia and Nybyen. – This means that people can move back to their homes now, Governor Kjerstin Askholt says.

NVE's local avalanche observers inspected earlier Wednesday the mountain slopes under Sukkertoppen and above Nybyen on foot and by helicopter.

– Based on these observations and the weather forecast for the coming days, NVE states that the risk of avalanches is over for now. Therefore we can lift the evacuation, Governor Kjerstin Askholt says.

NVE's avalanche observers reported three avalanches; one from Sukkertoppen above Road 230 and two from the mountain slope over Nybyen. The avalanches did not reach the houses.

- Longyearbyen was not hit by the strongest storm. The wind and the snowfall were not as heavy as expected. Therefore the risk of avalanches also was reduced. But this we could not know until the weather actually came, Kjerstin Askholt explains.

The weather forecast for the next days is more stable weather with less wind and lower temperatures.

NB: The ban of residence in the upper parts of Lia from December 22 is not lifted.