The incoming storm is expected to hit Longyearbyen at 14:00 Tuesday afternoon. Weather forecasts report of strong winds reaching levels of full storm. 15-20 mm precipitation in the form of snow or rain is  expected. The risk of avalanches is set at danger level 3 – considerable.

The Governor and Longyearbyen Community Council met with NVE at 10:00 this morning, and the weather forecast from yesterday is upheld.

- We ask everyone to take precautionary measures, to consider the weather conditions and to stay inside while the storm is ongoing. Loose objects have to be secured against the wind. The plowing crews will face conditions with poor visibility. If venturing outside is necessary, we encourage everyone to take great care when travelling on or along the roads, says Governor Kjerstin Askholt.

Morten Dyrstad in Longyearbyen Community Council informs that the road stretching from the school to the junction between road 100 and 106 in Nybyen, has been closed. Road 300 on the opposite side of Longyeardalen has been opened in order to access Huset and Nybyen.

- We are monitoring the situation closely while communicating continuously with the NVE, Governor Askholt informs.

The Governor asks everyone to stay updated using the websites of the Governor and Longyearbyen Community Council. Information will be published continuously through these channels. This includes information regarding the risk of avalanches during the first hours after the storm has passed.

- If anyone living in the evacuated houses are arriving by plane this afternoon and are in need of a place to stay overnight, we ask that they contact the housing office that has been established in the foyer of Næringsbygget, Longyearbyen Community Council informs.