The weather forecast says slightly less wind than expected, but there will be a heavy snowfall this evening. The risk of avalanches is set at danger level 3 – considerable. The Govenor uphelds the evacuation. A new evaluation will be made Wednesday.

The Governor met with NVE at 17:00 this afternoon, and received updated weather forecasts. A new meeting with NVE will be held Wednesday morning.

- The weather forecast is slightly better than we feared, but it is too early to predict exactly how the weather will develop during the evening, Governor Kjerstin Askholt says.

- We hope to make an evaluation of the risk of avalanche Wednesday, the Governor informs.

The Governor still asks everyone to take precautionary measures, to consider the weather conditions and to stay inside while the storm is ongoing.

The plowing crews will face conditions with poor visibility. If venturing outside is necessary, the Governor encourages everyone to take great care when travelling on or along the roads. Loose objects have to be secured against the wind.

- We are monitoring the situation closely while communicating continuously with the NVE, Governor Askholt says.

The Governor asks everyone to stay updated using the websites of the Governor and Longyearbyen Community Council. Information will be published continuously through these channels. This includes information regarding the risk of avalanches during the first hours after the storm has passed.

According to the weather forecast the wind and snowfall will decrease during the night. Wednesday the wind will shift and come from west.