Following the recovery of the helicopter wreck, the search continues for the missing persons, the flight data recorder and other possible objects. Search is being conducted both from ships by way of so-called ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles), and on foot in the beach areas.

Possible sea currents in various depths in the search area have been simulated, in cooperation with The Norwegian Meteorological Institute, the University Centre in Svalbard, experts from the Norwegian Coast Guard, the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research, and resources on board the vessels participating in the operation.



The Accident Investigation Board Norway and on-site representatives from Russian authorities have provided important contribution in the operation. The following ships participate in the operation: KV "Barentshav", "Polarsyssel", "G.O. Sars" and "Maersk Forza". An object made to resemble a human body has also been placed in the sea in order to study the drift.

In addition to the life vest that was found on the sea bed not far from the helicopter wreck, 24 life vests have been found inside the helicopter. None of the vests had been activated. Normally, this type of helicopter contains 25 vests.

One shoe, a bag and a jacket have also been found less than a hundred meters from where the helicopter lay on the sea bed.