The Russian helicopter that crashed in the sea near Heerodden last week was recovered in the early hours this morning. In a press release, The Accident Investigation Board Norway considers the recovery operation to be a success.

The press release reads as follows:

"At approximately 0200 hours 4 November the body, rotor and separated tail of the helicopter MI-8AMT with registration RA-22312 was lifted up on deck of the ship Maersk Forza. The recovery operation was a success.

The helicopters Cockpit voice recorder (CVR) is recovered. CVR and GPS-units will be brought to Moscow for analysis. Flight data recorder (FDR) is not yet found, and the search will continue.

There were no persons inside the helicopter, and search for the missing persons continues".

The search operations along the beaches, in the sea and along the sea bead continue. 152 persons from the Police, Longyearbyen Red Cross Rescue Corps and Russian personnel have participated in the search operation along the beaches, which started the same day as the helicopter crashed. More than 200 kilometers of beach area have been covered in the search. Some of the beach areas have been searched through several times.