Tour operators in Svalbard should familiarize themselves with relevant legislation. They are required to notify the Governor, in advance, of all projected programs and to report about activities. Electronic notification must be used.

Who are considered to be a tour operator?

You are considered a tour operator if you organize a trip in, or to, Svalbard with appurtenant services, such as transport, accommodations and activities, receiving a commission for your work. The definition of "commission", in this context, is payment for expenses incurred, even if no profit has been calculated. In other words, if you plan to organize a boat cruise, snowmobile trip, skiing expedition etc., you are considered a tour operator.

Tour operators in Svalbard have certain obligations, as provided by "Regulations relating to tourism and other activities in Svalbard". If you are considering operating in Svalbard, you should carefully peruse these regulations, paying special attention to the items in the insert to the right.